Onchain animated SVG clock abstractions assembled with Solidity on OPTIMISM

Each piece's colours are determined by 2 block numbers - the block number at mint and the previous mint's block number. This means all animations share a colour with their preceding neighbour token. Each token ID increases the image's rows and columns creating a growing demand on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The collection begins as an open edition and ends when it eventually fails to render its final token image as it reaches the EVM's limits.

Below is a binary geometric sequence excerpt from the collection starting with Horloge #2.

If you're interested in collecting a token from this collection, you can send the following address 0x06f4DB783097c632B888669032B2905F70e08105 the amount of ETH specified in the title of the token you would like to own. The amount of ETH is the decimal number found after the '@' sign in each title. For example, if you want to buy Horloge #2, you would send me 0.007115546 ETH. I will then manually send you the token associated with that amount. Alternatively, you can send me an email at dm[at]vncnt[dot]xyz or make an offer on OpenSea. This series started as an open edition constrained by the blockchain's incapacity to fully render a token as it reaches its computational limit. This failure to render a token's image was reached at Horloge #36.